The kennel name “Overdrive” was created at a time in our life that was chaotic and until the end of 2021 it continued to evoke some negative emotions as it reminded us too much of those times and persons we are no longer look back to with fond memories. It also indicated a type of dog, personality, temperament and drive that we never intended to breed. Therefore, after YEARS of going back and forth, with no intentions of abandoning our roots or the foundation(s) of our kennel, ALEANNAN was born.

Aleannan is a Scottish word of endearment that means ”My love”, “My sweetheart” – much more fitting for the type of dog that we are breeding and the environment our dogs and puppies live and being raised in.


We both were born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. We’ve met in 2003 on a social media/dating site. You can say it was love at first sight.

In 2005 we moved to the US and after a few years of struggling and trying to make ends meet, we’ve established our own IT business.

We started talking about getting a pet dog, Frank wanted a white Boxer girl, I was not sure yet. Over the years we worked with all kinds of customers until one day we got to meet an elderly lady who shared her home with 4 chocolate Border Collies. Again, it was love at first sight.

We were mesmerized by their personalities, playfulness, the intelligence in their eyes, their eagerness to please – at that point we knew we don’t want any other dog but a Border Collie.

I’ve started researching the breed trying to learn everything I could about it, making sure it was the right breed for us, I’ve contacted breeders, I was doing my “homework”. Even though it took 4 whole years, we did not realize just how very little we know, when we thought we were ready to pull the trigger – and took home our first born, Lily…

We never in our wildest dreams were thinking about showing our dog in the conformation ring but she came with a show contract (it was mandatory to show her) so we thought “why not?” – then at our second show we got an answer to that question: because she was not the quality you usually show in the conformation ring. This was when we met another breeder who took us under her wing, supported and helped us every step of the way. Since then, things went sour with her, but we have learned a lot and wouldn’t change much.

Unfortunately, Lily’s body structure and orthopedic problems prevents her from doing what she absolutely loved to do: herding and agility. She’s not allowed to do strenuous exercise anymore which is why we’re focusing doing rally and obedience with her.

We’ve fallen in love with her personality, we thought she’d deserve a much sounder body… And this is how the idea came, that we want to breed the “perfect” Border Collie: beautiful, structurally and mentally sound dogs who are willing to work and are eager to please but if you want, they’ll be your perfect couch potato for those days when you just want to snuggle under the blanket.

Our dogs are being regularly exercised both physically and mentally, we’re competing with them in the conformation ring, and the herding arena, and they’re currently in training in competitive obedience, rally, scent work and agility. For fun we’re also competing in lure coursing.

If you have any more questions about us, please feel free to use the contact form below and ask away! We hope to hear from you soon!